The best way to boycott NP++ is to use another better Text Editor: CudaText

  • well, It seems I can post again.
    Thank the freedom.

    So Now, I show you a wonderful function in CudaText.
    after study CudaText some days, I write my first plugin for the Cudatext.

    [Share My Idea] Plugin to get alt+C function same as NP++:
    function: column mode to insert increasing leading number at everyline (Same as Notepad++)

    1. you can find menu Plugins–> Make Plugin
    2. Click it
    3. Plugname=MyaltC,module name=MyaltC,items=MyaltC>run
    4. Click “OK”
    5. At line 27, find “def run(self)”
    6. replace all of def run(self) with:
    def run(self):
              cnt = ed.get_carets()
              altCnum=dlg_input_ex(4, 'Number be inserted',
                    'start'   , text1="0", label2="Step by", text2="1",
                    label3="Leading Char", text3="",label4="Following Char", text4="")
              if altCnum==None:return()
              for a_cnt in cnt:
                  if a_cnt[0]>a_cnt[2]:
                  ed.insert(a_caret, a_cnt[1], altCtxt)

    only 15 lines!!!
    could not believe!!!

    1. Now restart CudaText. you can find new menu in “Plugins–>MyaltC”, even you can assign a hotkey ‘alt+C’ to this.
    2. get the Alt-C function same as many editor :D :D
      Thank too the Cudatext’s power python API,
      this function is more powerful than NP++'s Alt+C. This can add the following char.

    It is so easy to implement this function in Cudatext. more powerful! So easy!

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