Couldn´t get a macro running

  • Hallo,

    I often work with XML files. That’s why I installed the plugin XML Tools. So that I do not always have to take the same steps for better readability, I wanted to create a simple macro:

    start recording

    1. Select all -> Ctrl + A
    2. Linarize XML -> Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L
    3. Pretty print (XML only with line breaks) -> Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B
      end of the recording

    So far so good: the macro is recorded (name: pretty XML) and appears in the Macro Menu …
    … but if I want to test it: so open an unformatted XML and then select the entry in the macro menu, only the first step is executed, but not the following two steps.

    Who can help me here?


    Black Senator

  • Plugins are not really “macro-recordable” but may I ask you if this
    is really needed in your case?
    It looks to me that pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B is enough to reformat the xml.

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