HTMLTag 1.1 Plugin broken since NPP 7.7

  • Hi, I noticed a pretty bad regression when using the HTMLTag plugin. To reproduce, have the following text in a blank document:


    Then go to to Plugins > HTML Tag > Decode JS
    If using version 7.6.6 (last good) it’ll correctly decode to “Hello!
    If using version 7.7 and above, it will hang, and RAM usage will increase exponentially (gigabytes in a second) until NPP crashes (or the computer crashes).

    If this is something you can fix on your side, please fix it! I use NPP daily and I’ll have to use an earlier version until this is fixed.
    Also reported the bug to the developer:

  • Npp 7.7, and later versions, updated its internal scintilla control to version 4.2.0.
    With this update the notification structure got changed as well and has a pretty strong
    significance for all 64bit plugins as the size changed.
    So it is most likely, that a plugin, which is using scintilla notification structure,
    but hasn’t been update to the new structure, is behaving erroneously.
    Maybe true for HTML Tag as well.

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