Updated Autocomplete for Python 3

  • I’ve been using NPP as my Python editor ever since I started learning it. I first learned Python 2.7, and NPP has support for Python 2.7’s syntax, and hints on what functions do when I typing them (like telling me what parameters I need). This was all very helpful when learning, and is something I still appreciate.

    However, I have recently updated to Python 3.7, and there are some changes between these versions. NPP still gives me suggestions as though I’m using Python 2.7, even though I don’t even have it installed on my computer anymore.

    This is best seen when getting user input. In Python 2.7, input() was a function that would only accept and return integers as input, and raw_input() was a function that would accept any input because it would be returned as a string.
    In Python 3.7, there is no such function as raw_input(). It was removed, and now input() uses strings instead of integers.
    However, NPP still tells me that input() returns an integer (in a round-a-bout sort of way) and that a function called raw_input() exists and returns a string.

    How do I make NPP give suggestions for Python 3 instead of Python 2?

  • The autoComplete files are available within autoCompletion directory.
    The file you are looking for is called python.xml.
    In addition you might add/change the langs.xml file, or in case you use a theme different to default theme the THEME_NAME.xml from theme directory, in order to get the new keywords.
    Note, adding keywords can also be done by using the gui
    Settings->Style Configurator->Language(Python)->Style(KEYWORDS)

  • @Ekopalypse gave a good starting place. If you’d like more details, see the Notepad++ UserManaual, especially:

  • @Noah-Black

    There was also a recent issue filed regarding this: https://github.com/notepad-plus-plus/notepad-plus-plus/issues/6259 “Fix keywords list according to Python 3”

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