How to add a new split symbol ?

  • By default, when we double-click a word, we don’t select the + - = symbols (even if there are no spaces between the word and the symbol), because the editor thinks that they are not integrated with the words.
    now I want to let some new symbols, such as ¦ or , be distinguished and not considered part of the word. How can I include these new symbols in the scope of the segmentation?

  • The ¦ (and the |, which you may have meant) and are already not considered part of the list of word characters for double-click purposes.

    I tried it on


    with both v7.7.1 and v7.8.1

    here’s an animation showing it working for me:

    if it’s not behaving that way for you, then you’ve got something else going on.

    Per the docs, you can add characters to the list of word-characters – so it will consider those characters part of a word – but there isn’t an exclusion list. Notepad++ defaults to the list of unicode “word characters”, which includes anything that’s a letter or number or underscore in any of the unicode subsections, but doesn’t include symbols, punctuation, or the like. If you’ve added the ¦ and to the word-character list, then double-click should include them, but otherwise double-click should not.

  • @PeterJones Oh! In fact, I used the version of 7.5.5 before. After your reminder, I upgraded to the latest version, and then found that the problem was automatically solved 😂.
    Well, thank you very much for your reply.

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