Cant open folder on network

  • Hello. Since version 7 I cant access to a folder for the network writing its name in the file box. And the alert dialog marks duplicate address, p.e. Cannot open file \server_name\principal_folder\server_name\principal_folder\folder_i_want doesn’t exist. (Repeat the address)

  • @Emiliano-Boragina said in Cant open folder on network:


    That’s because the Windows syntax for accessing a network folder (UNC path) is to start with a double-backslash; so your example should be \\server_name\principal_folder\folder_i_want.

    Oh, but you didn’t mark your example text using the </> button on the edit bar, nor did you put it between markdown `backticks`, so the forum may have interpreted your \\ as escaping the \ character, and thus the forum only displays the single \ even if you typed both. It’s hard to say which you did. But if you had typed \\, it should have been obvious to you when you looked at the preview window while making your post that it gobbled one of the backslashes, and that you were thus not communicating your problem to us effectively.

    Anyway, back to your actual problem, assuming you type the UNC correctly: I access \\server_name\principal_folder\folder_i_want style paths on a daily basis, and have never seen your problem. I’m using v7.7.1 64-bit.

    If you are having difficulties with UNC paths, you’re going to have to be a bit more explicit about the steps. Are you doing a double-click open from Windows Explorer? A right-click open from Windows Explorer? Are you using the File > Open dialog? Are you typing the folder in the File name box? or in the Windows-based-editable-path-box at the top of the Open dialog? Are you using the “old style” or “new style” dialogs (as set by Settings > Preferences > Default Directory > ☑ Use new style dialog checkbox)? Does it work if you browse to the network location instead of typing it in?

    Also, what version of Notepad++ are you using? (“since version 7” is rather unhelpful, since that’s ambiguous whether you mean major-version 7 (7.x.x), minor version 7 (7.7.x), or whether you mean “windows 7”.) The best way to communicate complete version information to us is through the menu bar, ? > Debug Info > Copy debug info into clipboard and pasting in your reply.

    Until you give us more details, the best you are going to get is “it works for me”.

  • Hi Peter. Thank you very much! The setting like you mark works perfect! Thank again. Regards

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