Keep away from politics and keep away from fooled: some comments about Uyghur

  • I think that the author of the software should take serious care of politics in China. Actually you know nothing about the Uyghur.
    The case there is similar to the recent Hong Kong. A group of people hurt people randomly, only for the victims don’t believe in Islam. I don’t think anyone should tolerate them – we have been giving them plenty of freedom to believe in Islam, but they never have the right to threaten those who not.
    In fact, we China only restrict the freedom of those hurters, and I believe that you will support it if they be kept in “re-education campus”: you don’t want to be hurt as well, yeah? (This is not taught by our government, but actually we were surround by the fear of terror attacks! Keep in mind the 911 before making any comments please.)
    I believe that more people should be aware of the real situation of the Uyghurs. I believe that you have already know how the media on Facebook and twitter report the conflict in Hong Kong, and now you should also be serious in checking the validity of the infomation given by your media.
    Never be fooled by your media and keep away from spreading the false information as well!

  • @Chengyang-Qian Hi there. Unfortunately, there are many idiots in the West who do not realise that our foreign policy establishment use proxy terrorists in their geopolitical games. These fools think they are promoting peace and good will, while they are in fact promoting cruelty, destruction and death on a large scale. May I apologise for this ignorant pleb? It is unlikely he has the wit to realise he is being manipulated, so I will say sorry on his behalf. Sorry.

  • @Chengyang-Qian You are making the same mistake the CCP makes, namely, after seeing a few Uyghur terrorists, making the leap to Uyghur = terrorist and repressing a whole people in response. Genocide is never pretty.

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