appearance in taskbar gone...

  • Have been using NP++ for a long, long time, without any real problems.
    NP++ has become important part of my everyday running my computer.
    After I decided to make a change in the script, I now can’t run NP++ anymore…
    I used to use “reload script” option to restart with original script, but now the NP++ icon in the taskbar has disappeared…???
    I have no idea, how to solve this…
    I sincerely hope there is someone, who can help me here

    Thanks a lot in advance…!!

    It’s amazing how much NP++ has become such an integrated part of my system…!!!
    Mind you, I am not a programming expert or such…

    Very best regards,
    Lodewijk J Claessen

  • @Lody-J-Claessen

    I get, that npp is running but only the icon disappeared from the taskbar while currently active, right?
    Can you post your debug-info, which is available from the last menu, the ? menu?
    Can you describe a little bit in more detail what exactly you are doing?
    I’m not familiar with reload script …, how is this relevant? Is this something how you start normally npp?
    Or something you do within npp, if so what exactly is supposed to happen?

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