Unable to use Notepad++ to find & replace umlauts (and others)

  • Hi everyone! As a total newbie to the Notepad++ “most excellent!!” tool, am a tad stuck with figuring out how to translate umlauts ( “ü” ) to html code “ü” … this is for an XML-based website tat I’m building, which is choking on these characters; example: https://donshave.website/Tree/DJ_Tree/individual.html#13709. Here’s the XML source code “<place>Zürich, Bezirk Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland</place>” and here’s what I need “<place>Zürich, Bezirk Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland</place>” – guidance, please? Thanks!! ps: have tried to find this at the help, etc / pps: IOS devices (iPhone / iPad / etc ) and certain browsers will choke on this; FireFox, Chrome, Edge don’t hang :(

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  • @DandyDonnyDon

    Since your “Here’s the XML source code” and your “here’s what I need” are identical, it is totally unclear what you want to achieve.

    Maybe this was caused by interpreting and re-formating your posting by the forum software. To avoid this the forum supports Markdown in postings. With its help it is possible to post code in a way the forum doesn’t interpret and re-format.

    You can find a code formatting button in the toolbar above the input box for postings. >>> This page <<< provides a deeper insight of the markdown syntax used by this forum.

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