Highlight line when // is used

  • Hi,

    I am using the Obsidian Style and would like to change the entire row to a different font colour when // is at the start of the line.

    In my INI files when I use # the line’s font will go green.

    When I have // at the start of the line, I would like the font of the line to go to a colour of choice.

    I added this to the INI section of the stylers.xml & also the Obsidian.xml

    <WordsStyle name="Backslash" styleID="5" fgColor="00800" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" fontSize="" />

    How do I define the //? This is where I am unsure.

    Thanks for the help in advanced.

  • @Jonathan-Russell

    what can be styled or not is defined by the lexer, which means you
    cannot add some random tokens to an existing lexer configuration.
    In order to be able to treat your forwardslashes you must either

    1. write your own lexer
    2. write your own user defined language (menu language->define your language…) or
    3. use a scripting language like PythonScript to tweak the builtin lexers or UDLs.

    Each of them have their pro and cons and which one fits your requirements depends on your knowledge about programming
    and the will for implementation.

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