Include new style for new language (gcode language) in the notepade++

  • Hello, why we haven’t a style for the “gcode” language in the notepade++ ?
    I wish to define a suitable style for this language…
    Thank you.

  • @Ahmad-Awada

    In Notepad++ syntax highlighting and code folding is managed by the editing component Scintilla. This is an external open source project and the basis for a lot of editors and IDEs (Integrated Development Environments).

    Notepad++ only provides native support for programming languages that are supported by Scintilla. But it is possible to create control files for so called UDLs (User Defined Languages) to extend the language support of Notepad++. However, the configurator of UDLs integrated in Notepad++ has some limitations, thus it is almost not possible to achieve the same quality of language support for UDLs as for languages natively supported by Scintilla.

    So, you have two options:

    1. Go to >>> the project site of Scintilla <<< to file a feature request for including GCode as a natively supported language. But it likely will take a long time until it has been implemented.
    2. In Notepad++, go to (menu) Language -> Define your language. The UDL configurator will open and you are ready to start defining GCode as UDL. >>> This page <<< of the Notepad++ user manual provides some basic info how to do that and, most important, you will find there a link to a detailed manual.

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