Why Clipboard gets deactivated?

  • Hello, friends.
    I am looking for info about this theme is this forum, but I do not found response about what are the causes for what clipboard (Win7 Ult, AMD triple) is deactivated.
    I use NotePad++ as my NotePad editor for my programming languages, but I am not sure NotePad++ can be the causant… but I am not fully sure… I only discover that clipboard is deactivated when using NotePad++.
    I do not have a lot of programs in memory when this happens.
    If some one can gets me some approach to the understand why this heppens, I’ll be very appreciated.
    Sorry, I wanted to copy and past the themes I read before, but it is not possible.

  • @Hernan-Cano
    For me, the cause was Xming x-server running in the background with clipboard sharing enabled. When I turned off clipboard sharing in X-ming I never had the issue again. Note that it wasn’t only notepad++ that was affected, cut and paste didn’t work anywhere. But it seemed the clipboard stopped working only when both N++ and X-ming were running together.


  • @Michael-Vincent
    N++ does have a clipboard history feature built in and I wonder if that was conflicting with X-ming hook into the clipboard which enabled clipboard sharing between regular windows and x-sever applications.

    I’m using Ditto now on recommendation from @dinkumoil with no I’ll affects.


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