New v7.8 "enhancement" in Save dialog is missing keyboard shortcuts

  • Hello,

    The new Notepad++ v7.8 enhancement

    3. Add “No to All” and “Yes to All” options in Save dialog.

    does no longer have keyboard shortcuts for all the buttons on this dialog, unfortunately.

    Practical example:
    I typically use the keyboard shortcut STRG+W to close individual tabs in Notepad++.

    Before v7.8, that caused a dialogbox to appear for any tab which hasn’t been saved at all or is “dirty” (i.e. has unsaved changes) - and in that dialog I could simply hit the N key (for No), or the Y key for Yes (or ESC for Cancel).

    Starting with v7.8, the Yes, No, Cancel, Yes to all and No to all buttons all do not seem to have keyboard shortcuts any more, which forces me to use the mouse to click the No button (the Yes button is the default button in that dialogbox, so I could simply hit ENTER; the Cancel button reacts on the ESC key, so that works too).

    As I often have a lot of unsaved tabs open, but still want to individually (per tab) decide to save or not to save the content, using the handy STRG+W keyboard shortcut, having to grab the mouse now is extremely cumbersome and tedious, to be honest.

    So I kindly ask the author to please add keyboard shortcuts to all the buttons in this dialog, according to common standards:
    Y for Yes
    N for No
    C for Cancel (if appropriate, ESC is standard and sufficient of course)
    A for Yes to all (default in PowerShell)
    L for No to all (default in PowerShell)

    If adding those shortcuts shouldn’t be feasible for whatever reason, then I’d kindly ask to provide an option in preferences for the users to get the old dialog (with working keyboard shortcuts) back.

    Thanks in advance,

  • @PeterJones Thanks a lot for this information! So I’ll wait for the fix :-}

  • @Franz-X-Kohl
    I agree. Keyboard shortcuts are not only useful for power users like us, but for people with disabilities who are unable to use the mouse. While users are able to use the tab key, that too is more cumbersome and keyboard shortcuts are widely considered an accessibility standard.

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