Updating Notepad++ Using Zip File

  • I originally “installed” Notepad++ by downloading the Zip file, unziping and copying it to a folder on my Microsoft Onedrive and running it my all of my PCs just executing the “notepad++.exe”. My question is, how do I update to a new version? I currently have Notepad++ as my default editor for certain files and when I open Notepad++ it has a set of files that are opened. So my question is how do I update and retain these setting? Copy specific files from the new downloaded Zip file to my current Onedrive folder? Other options?


  • @Loren-Schoepke

    I use two batch files sitting next to notepad++.exe
    Content before_update

    IF NOT EXIST .\customized\ mkdir customized
    FOR %%i IN (config.xml,
                userDefineLang.xml) DO copy %%i .\customized\

    content after_update

    FOR %%i IN (.\customized\config.xml,
                .\customized\userDefineLang.xml) DO copy %%i .

    and of course workflow is,

    1. run before_update
    2. unzi new version
    3. run after_update

  • @Ekopalypse

    You’re probably missing those plugins you used to have, after that.


  • @Alan-Kilborn

    No, because unzipping a new version doesn’t delete files,
    it only overwrites existing :-)

  • @Ekopalypse

    I guess I didn’t think too much about your entire workflow. :)

    But, taken as a whole, with the OP’s:

    Copy specific files from the new downloaded Zip file to my current Onedrive folder?

    …it does make sense.

  • Hello, @Loren-Schoepke

    Follow these steps to update notepad++ using zip file :

    Step 1:- Open Run Dialog by clicking Start->run (Notepade++ should be closed).
    Step 2:- Copy this text %APPDATA%\Notepad++ into the text field of Run Dialog.
    Step 3:- Click ok. A folder named Notepad++ will appear.
    Step 4:- Delete these two files : config.xml and stylers.xml.
    Step 5:- After deleting files unzip the zip file.
    Step 6:- After Unzip Launch Notepad++.

    I hope above information will be useful for you.
    Thank you.

  • @Prahlad-Makwana4145
    This will delete all existing your existing program settings.

  • @Ekopalypse
    If you add a copy of the directory with plugins to your script … it will be perfect!

  • @andrecool-68
    Hmmm, you and @Alan-Kilborn must have something in mind
    which I’m either not using or unaware of.

    Why do you think that there is a need to include plugins directory?
    I’m using this procedure since a while now and I never came across
    an issue that the plugins directory got corrupted.

    My understanding of unzipping something is, that only those files in
    the current unzip_directory get modified which are part of the zip and
    others do get untouched.
    If files in a zip aren’t in the current unzip_directory they get created.

    What do I miss?

  • @Ekopalypse

    What do I miss?

    Probably nothing, just different ways and desired ways of updating (in a manual way). Plugins, however, are easy; just copy an entire folder tree from one version to another.

    Here’s my somewhat more in-depth way (compared to your method above) of upgrading the rest:

    Version A = version I have
    Version B = version I’m going to

    • do a file tree compare on an freshly unzipped portable of A and B, noting any differences in files and file contents
    • copy A’s configuration files into B’s tree
    • hand-edit in any new feature’s configuration stuff into the configuration files now in B
    • start using version B

    Maybe the adding of new feature config stuff isn’t strictly necessary, but I always do it, just in case. [An example of might be English.xml or English_customizable.xml. If you don’t find out what the new stuff is in version B, and add it in to what you had going from version A, you can’t customize it later.]

    Usually this is not a intense undertaking, but it can be if you let several versions go by without updating.

  • @Ekopalypse

    Thanks. This worked great!!!

  • @Prahlad-Makwana4145

    Didn’t have a “Notepad++” folder". Not sure, but I think this gets created if you do an install. I just used ZIP file.

  • @Loren-Schoepke said in Updating Notepad++ Using Zip File:

    Didn’t have a “Notepad++” folder". Not sure, but I think this gets created if you do an install. I just used ZIP file.

    You are correct. By default, an installer-version will use %AppData%\Notepad++ for storing configuration files and a zip (“portable”) version will just use the zip directory (because that’s part of what makes it “portable”).

    If you would like to maintain a separate %AppData%\Notepad++ but use the zip version, you can delete the doLocalConf.xml from the Notepad+±unzip directory; after that, the next time you run Notepad++, the %AppData%\Notepad++ folder will be created and populated; however, it might* not use the same settings that were in your zipfolder before. (*: caveat = I’ve only tried the deletion of doLocalConf.xml to auto-populate %AppData%\Notepad++ once, and wasn’t specifically looking for this feature, so I didn’t store it in long-term memory; I know it created the folder properly; my memory says that it used default config files, not copies of what’s in your zipfolder, but I could be wrong.)

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