How to "show/display the results of what I replaced" ?

  • hello, does anyone know how to “show/display the replaced results” ?

    I just searched and replaced something. How do I see what I have replaced? Can’t see it in the console?

  • I try F7, but nothing happen…

  • @Vasile-Caraus said in How to "show/display the results of what I replaced" ?:

    How do I see what I have replaced?

    A quick test to confirm my suspicions, the F7 will re-open a search result window when using the “Find in Files” option.

    So if you close the open file in Notepad, then use your regex in the “Find in Files” and select the folder/file(s) you want to eventually replace text within. Then don’t use the “replace in files” option, rather use the “Find All”. The results will appear in the bottom of Notepad++. If you then happen to close this window, pressing F7 will re-open it.

    If you are then happy with the results, you could use the “Find in Files” option again, this time adding the replacement text and selecting the “Replace in Files” option.


  • So, say you do a Replace All and it replaces a bunch of occurrences in the current document. If, before that operation, you’ve saved your file, and you use the Compare plugin, you could compare the current document against the version on disk. Voila! It shows you the replacements made.

  • In another thread, rather than here, @Vasile-Caraus said in Viewing Find/Search results...:

    you should include this feature (such as a console) in a plugin as NppExec. Because I want to see what exactly did I “Replace”, and if I have to perform an undo before saving.

    If you have a new feature you’d like to request, please see this FAQ for instructions on how to do that.

    PS: If you want more discussion on your issue, please do so in the thread you started, or other active threads. Re-awakening another thread that has been completed for 2.5 years, when the only commonality between that thread and your issue are the words “find/search”, is considered poor forum etiquette (here or in any other forum I’ve been involved in). It’s fine to re-open a thread that’s actually related to the issue you’re having, but in this case, wanting to see a list of all the lines changed by a replace function is a completely different topic than was being discussed in that “Viewing Find/Search results...” thread.

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