Function list

  • Hi!
    I have some questions about function lists, I’ve actually tried to develop a really simple parser for configuration files of abb robots and it works quite fine for my necessities.
    Now I was trying to improve a little what I did and I’m getting some difficulties…

    I have to premise that I’m quite a noob in regular expression so eventually forgive the ignorance

    The kind of code on which I’m working is like:

          -Name "WAGO" -VendorName "40" -ProductName "WAGO   750-306 V04.22"\
          -Label "DeviceNet Auto Configuration" -Address 11 -VendorId 40\
          -ProductCode 306 -DeviceType 12 -OutputSize 2 -InputSize 4
          -Name "B_DN_SIM" -Simulated 
          -Name "DN_Internal_Device" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\
          -ProductName "DeviceNet Internal Slave Device"

    The parser I’ve used up to now was:

    <parser id="SYSPAR_function" displayName="SYSPAR" commentExpr="(?s:/\*.*?\*/)#(?m-s://.*?$)">
    				<!-- Only match nodes with at least one attribute -->
    						<nameExpr expr="[A-Z0-9_]+"/>							

    As you see is really simple but worked well for finding the main topics like “DEVICENET_DEVICE” or “DEVICENET_INTERNAL_DEVICE” in the previous code

    What I was trying to do now is, instead of using directly function parser, to use a classRange parser for finding the main topics and then class parser for identifying the internal field of each topics like “-name”, “-vendor_name” and so on, so to have a function list like:


    So, the first question is if this could be feasible, then some suggestion on how to proceed would be really appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

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