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  • Hi,
    I’m using the Search in Files with regular expressions in Notepad++.
    I’m then opening each search result, and there I already have a set of lines selected.
    What I need is to be able to script the next steps meaning to use the selected text and generate a custom search results file.
    I need to loop in the search result and do the same for each result: take the selected text and generate an additional text in my search result file.

    Is this possible?

    How can I do it? with a plugin? is there a way to retrieve the selected text as if I would click in the search result?

    Many thanks

  • To be more precise, I’m searching in subtitle files and then based on the search results I go to youtube and check that minute and second.

    I’ve used in the past the youtube api to seek to the right minute and second, but I need to first extract the minute from the search result file and then use it to generate the html file.

    Many thanks

  • It isn’t directly possible.

    You might be best off using the marking feature of Notepad++ (Search > Mark…) and then supplementing that with a Pythonscript to copy that text to the clipboard; see here. But that only handles a single file at a time; some people want that extended to multiple files, see here.

    In theory you could do some of the things discussed here…or rather, currently just hinted at…because some of those ideas are currently evolving. ;-)

    Sadly, no solution for you, just pointers to possible workarounds. :-(

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