"no to all" for dialog box that opens dozens of times

  • i frequently open a few dozen files to edit, then later have the drive they’re attached to disconnected and have this popup box reopen 30 times (one for each file), how do i make it “no for all” so i can close notepad++ without having to click this dialog 30 times? https://i.imgur.com/nnHfCR9.png

  • @meiskam

    There has been a recent effort to add No to All to certain sections of the UI (N++ 7.8 and above I believe).
    Perhaps this is one area where it hasn’t been applied.
    In this case you can probably result to the trick of holding down the n key to close all the popups.
    If you hold down too long (likely) and get a bunch of nnnnnnn in your document that gets focus when all the non-existent files have gone away, a simple Undo (ctrl+z) should clean those n up.

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