Notepad++ DuoTone Dark: 5 clean themes

  • Hi all,

    I ported 5 themes available on Atom/ VS Code to Notepad++, adapted from You can find them and follow updates on development at webketje/notepad-plus-plus-duotone-dark-theme.



    Download the latest 7zip or zip release from Releases and extract it to your Notepad++ themes directory.
    You can also extract the themes somewhere else, start Notepad++ and import them through the Settings menu, Import > Import style theme(s)

    Install NPP


    Currently supports: HTML, XML, YML, PHP, Python, Javascript, JSON, CSS, SCSS, batch, ini, Python
    Unsupported languages that are available in Zenburn theme will be displayed ok.

    Config files

    Currently supports: .env, .prettierrc, .eslintrc, .gitmodules, .gitattributes


    You need NodeJS. Clone the repo, run npm install, tweak theme.xml, then run npm run build. npm run zip will also create a ZIP & 7Zip archive in the /dist folder, however you will need to install 7-Zip first.

    Please report issues/bugs, feature requests and suggestions for improvements to the issue tracker or here on the forums.


  • Notepad++ DuoTone Dark v0.6

    Download | 7zip (17kb) | ZIP (45kb)

    Supported languages: C, C#, C++, Objective C, VB, HTML, XML, YML, PHP, Javascript, JSON, CSS, SCSS, SQL, Python, Makefile, bash, batch, ini, diff
    Supported dotfiles: .env, .prettierrc, .eslintrc, .gitmodules, .gitattributes
    Included UDL’s: Markdown (improved)

    To use the markdown UDL, copy the userDefinedLang.xml to your Notepad++'s userDefineLangs folder, and restart Notepad++

  • Here is a preview of the Markdown UDL in “Forest” flavour:

    Note that under Settings > Style Configuration, all the “Enable global font/size/bold/italic” should be unchecked.

    Markdown UDL preview

    This style is still likely to undergo tweaks (for example code blocks will be in monospace). In a next release, I will also add support for Dockerfile's and potentially Handlebars templates.

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