Suggestion-A tool to change the program icon

  • Hello, you have a great software. Since users of text documents normally have a ton of such documents, your current icon is allover the place. You must agree that your icon may not be liked by every user. I suggest you provide an easy way to replace the document icon with an user selected icon. Currently this is only possible but requires registry edit, and who needs that? Thanks.

  • Do you propose adding a library of icon types of files that NP ++ supports?
    I very much doubt that someone will develop this))

  • No library of .ico files is required. Just the function of selecting another .ico file thant the default. The user could choose the one he/she wants or even create an .ico file on their own.

  • I meant a dll-library with icons

  • The archiver 7 zip has this implemented very conveniently, its dll-library can be replaced with your own … and all the icons of file types change immediately))

  • Thanks for your quick reply. I don’t understand what you mean by “The archiver 7 zip”. I use v7.7.1. I have no zip files under “C:\Program Files\Notepad++”. I have about 7 dlls and .exe files. More details would be appreciated.

  • 7 zip is an archiver and it has nothing to do with notepad ++
    … it was just an example of the implementation of loading libraries with icons of file types))

  • In Notepad ++ there is only one icon of file types, and this is the main problem for the realization of your desire!

  • I see. Again, I can’t decompile the dll and that is why I am suggesting the tool allows the end-user to specify the preferred .ico file they want to use.

  • Thanks.

  • It seems the feature request has been made.


    It is considered good form, if you make an official feature request, to cross-link it here.

  • My question for @Emmad-Kareem would be: what other apps that you use do provide such a feature?

    Have you asked the Excel developers to allow you to choose what icon you associate with spreadsheets? Do you expect IE/Edge/Chrome/Firefox/Opera to give you the option to choose a different icon for html files on your computer? Do you expect [insert your music-listening program here] to allow you change the icon for music files associated with that program?

    I have wracked my brain over all the different types of files I regularly use with default associations, and cannot come up with any type where my preferred application allows me to choose any icon I want for files they handle. If you know of any, I would be curious.

    Instead, in my experience, the general philosophy is, “if you want our program to be the default for a filetype: great, we’ll automatically choose an icon for you. If you don’t like that icon, it’s up to you, using the already-existing registry tools built into the OS (or any other third-party registry-editing tool you so desire) to do the change; you’re allowed to do it, but we’re not going to spend our time to do it for you”.

    (re: third party registry tools: nirsoft has the FileTypesManager, which can be used to manage all sorts of things to do with the verbs/actions and icons and programs associated with various file types / extensions)

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