Total beginner needs to replace recurring code snippets with plain text - how?

  • Hi all,
    I am not a programmer or alike but I often need to look at code in our TMS which consists mostly out of recurring snippets.

    An example would be: |"<SendingForwarder.OH_Code>"==“6402432297”|
    I know what field this pertains to in our TMS, but replacing the number with a name would be handy, as I can not memorize all of them (about 60ish). Also it would be easier to read as the code often contains dozens of the above chained with other code snippets inbetween.
    Would be perfect to replace the above snippet with |SF#BRE| for example.

    I would love to create myself some kind of dictionary or alike to have the actual code replaced by my words to make it more readable.
    Is that possible with Notepad++? Or other free tools you would suggest for this?

    Thanks for any help anyone can throw my way!

    Merry holiday season,

  • @Joerg-Hinz

    Very similar to probably, so the same question posed there may be posed to you: Are you willing to jump through some procedural hoops to achieve your goal?

  • Thanks for the pointer. Have zero knowledge about json and so on but will dig into it this weekend. :)

  • @Joerg-Hinz

    Haha, no, I didn’t mean the json part. :-)

    So you showed somewhat of a sample of your data. How about a little more to give some helpers here a start, so they don’t have to create their own? (Always good to give potential helpers a kick start :-) )

  • Will get some more of it tomorrow. If it helps you helping me, what more could I ask for? ;)

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