My problem in latest version notepad ++ x64 bit

  • Good day. I have a problem with your program version 7.8.2 version 64 bit. My system is the latest Windows 10 Pro x64. The problem is, when I want to do something in python, I press the tab and the dots instead of the arrow pop up. How to fix it? I describe the problem in the picture. I have to correct it every time. It is extremely bothersome for me. I don’t get this error with other programming languages. Only in python.

    alt text

  • @michalsky394 ,

    Because many Python coders want spaces rather than tabs for their indent, the default setting is to replace tabs with 4 spaces. If you don’t want that, Settings > Preferences > Language > Python, and uncheck that option.

  • @PeterJones
    Thank you for your help. Your solution works. Best regards and have a nice day / evening;)

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