Encoding (what determinates, plus can't change)

  • I’m new to this forum, so I may have missed previous questions.
    I’m on a new 'puter (win10, 64-bit) so I had to install Npp - version is 7.8.1.
    I have used Npp for years making html-files, and never even thought about different encodings. It worked well anyway… both for writing in Swedish (including å (a-ring), ä, ö (both umlauted)), and for regular English.
    Now, when I open my old html-files some of them opens with char-set iso8859-1, some with ansi. Opening in ansi destroys all special characters (they come out as a small square, regardless of which character). I can change that, going to encoding>char sets>western>iso8859-1 - but I can’t get that to stick.
    Questions: what determines how files are opened? Moste of the files are half-clones anyway - I have copied head and menus, for example, before writing the “special stuff” - why are some iso8859, and others ansi???
    Question: how can I make the change to iso stick? Have tried “save”, “save as”, “save copy”. Have even tried a iso8859-encoded file as a copy (worked sometimes) and edited (just like I often do) - when saved and re-opened, I’m back to ansi.
    Found an old post, where the solution was said to be prefs>misc then un-check auto-detection. Auto-detection was un-checked to begin with - so I tried to check it. Everything looked the same. Un-checked again - still to no avail.
    I suppose one way would be to change all special chars to ascii (&-a-ring
    etc), but as I have (probably) hundreds of files…
    Just for the record: all files look right in 3 browsers, and all files include content=“text/html; charset=iso-8859-1”.
    What am I doing wrong?

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