Possible bug - very long line

  • Hi-
    On a particular file I am getting multiple errors (same error) from DSpellCheck.dll about a ‘bad allocation’. When auto spell check was disabled the error was not present although Notepad++ was still very slow and eventually ‘hung’.
    It seemed to be caused by a very long line in ‘text’ that appeared to have a lot of non printing characters (binary?). The file was being opened for investigation, I had not created it.
    The file can be provided for debug - 925kb.

  • @Dave-C-0

    Is your DSpellCheck the latest version available?

  • @Alan-Kilborn Well I’ll be… I thought DSpellCheck was updated with each Notepad++ version. Updated to the latest DSpellCheck and the error is gone. Notepad++ performance is back.
    Thank you for the suggestion.

    However… I searched for the start of the suspect line (find all current), it appeared in the results pane. Double clicking on the result would not move the main pane to that line. I think it is due another very long line before the search results. I searched for the start of the prior line - double clicking on that result moved the main pane.
    It did not matter if I had Word Wrap on or off. Is this known?
    It is annoying but not critical, I can at least scroll to the line.

  • @Dave-C-0

    Is this known?

    I haven’t heard of it, but I’m not all-knowing.

    Maybe it is best to open an issue (see here) where you can provide the file as an attachment.

    If you go ahead and do that, you should cross-link this thread in the issue, and cross-link the issue here in another posting to this thread.

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