column separation

  • My file has more than 200,000 lines, with different column numbers, this is my example, but I always need the second and fifth column

    **miel:combis @ gmail. com:yyyy:ippps:flowers:text:123.34.78:126577
    1:chico @ yop .com:wwww:aveni234:tellme
    text:james @ mail .com:1265768566:carrss:ssisso:sabc:aaa
    4:bates @ me .com:13265772833:iiii:gloria:ip:125.45.67:–rI3:alex

    I want it like this:

    combis @ gmail .com:flowers
    chico @ yop .com:tellme
    james @ mail .com:ssisso
    bates @ me .com:gloria

    the mail are united

  • Hello, @toti-chalo and All,

    As your file is a colon delimited file, here is a possible solution :

    • Open the Replace dialoag ( Ctrl + H )

    • SEARCH (?-s)^.+?:(.+?:)(.+?:){2}(.+?)(:.*)?(?=\R|\z)

    • REPLACE \1\3

    • Tick the Wrap around option, if necessary

    • Select the Regular expression search mode

    • Click once on the Replace All button or several times on the Replace button

    Notes :

    • The first part (?-s) ensures that the regex char . will match a single standard character, only ( not EOL ones )

    • Then the next part ^.+?: searches the shortest range of standard chars, from beginning of line till a colon character ( the 1st column )

    • Now, the part (.+?:) represents again the shortest range of standard chars till the next colon character ( the 2nd column), which is stored as group 1, due to the parentheses

    • Next, comes the part (.+?:){2}, which matches the next two columns 3rd and 4th with their ending colon chars

    • Finally, the part (.+?)(:.*)? represents the shortest range of chars, stored as group 2, optionally followed with a colon char and other columns :.* , till a line-break or the very end of the file, due to the look-ahead condition (?=\R|\z), which is not part of the overall match

    In replacement, we simply rewrite the 1st and 3rd groups, standing for the 2nd and 5th columns of your table

    Best Regards,


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