How to navigate many open files...

  • How do you guys navigate NP++ when you have many files open at the same time?

    For me it’s perfectly normal to have 100+ files open because I need to search all of them at the same time. The problem is that navigating the tabs is really difficult. Scrolling through all the tabs, or moving files around is just a nightmare, not just because it’s difficult to find what I need, but the UI starts to lag a lot. The multi-line tab feature is also useless because then the tabs cover most of the screen area.

    The only semi-reasonable way for me to navigate all those files is by using the Document List Panel (aka Doc Switcher), which makes it much easier to scroll through all the open files. The problem with the Doc panel is that you can’t drag/move files around.

    Is there maybe a plugin that enables dragging files in the doc panel, or some other feature that may facilitate working with so many open files? (100 files is really not that many actually)

    Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

  • @haz-it

    Check out the plugin mentioned in this thread.

  • I appreciate the suggestion. I did try that plugin, and while it’s nice to be able to filter the open files by name, it doesn’t allow rearranging (reordering) the list as far as I can tell.
    The name filter has very limited helpfulness when you work with so many files, because remembering many file names and typing them is really not practical. Come to think of it, the Doc panel, the Windows panel, and the “Navigate To” panel all suffer from the same issue - the list can’t be reordered. That’s really the issue.

    When I add say another 20 files to the already 100 opened files, I’d like to move those last 20 somewhere up in the list…

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