Easy Way to copy visible lines only, number them

  • +<dict>

    I have multiple <dict>s want only copy these shown ones without <dict/> to just number line. Any external program that will fetch the text shown in notepad++? I dont want to use complex <dict=+++??etc regex formulas. The simplier way the better. Maybe replace this with list to match the size of block? (lol this is enough for me but I leave the question anyway) Or from copied search result there is way to remove anything between <dict> and </dict> in this case or sth else. How to copy green text? A way to parse list with shown text ?

  • @Anon-A

    Basically you need to see here. And you need to show examples of what you are starting with and what you want to achieve for the different cases you are talking about. Nobody is going to read your mind in order to provide help in answering your questions.

    …between <dict> and </dict> in this case or sth else

    If your use of sth here is meant to be the word something then I think we can see that you want to put zero effort into asking your questions, so don’t be surprised if nobody wants to put more-than-zero effort in to answer. Don’t treat this site like you are texting.
    If this is off-base, then apologies…

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