Basic Font editing

  • Could I get some help on basic font edits? Bold/Italic/Underline/Font/Font size.
    Should be simple, but I am not finding it with my current setup.

    • The Preferences > Style Configurator is used for defining text formatting for the various syntax highlighter languages. documented at
    • the Language > User Defined Language > Define your language… allows you to set text formatting for the User Defined Lanauges (UDL), which are for syntax highlighting not covered by the builtin languages. documented at
    • if you are editing a markup file (like HTML), or a markdown file, or other “formatted text”, then Notepad++ doesn’t come out-of-the-box with a “change font size for the selected text” or “make this line a header”. However, for languages like HTML or Markdown, there are plugins that help automate the authoring of such files, and will add in the appropriate <b>...</b> or **...** wrappers at the touch of a button or shortcut keystroke. However, you’d have to give us more details so we know what markup/markdown language(s) you are editing.
    • if you want some sort of “permanent” formatting that can go to a different machine and be looked at in a different text editor for non-HTML, non-markdown, truly plaintext file, you really need a word processor and some more powerful filetype than .txt (and it’s beyond the scope of this forum).

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