New Plugin development find

  • So, today I decided I’d take the plunge and attempt to develop my first ever plugin for Notepad++. I am a native .net developer, so I went through and found the framework to develop plugins for .net. I installed it, compiled it, and dropped it in my plugins folder… and nothing. So I tried some examples from there github page of others who also have used the framework. Downloaded the dlls… nothing. I even went so far as installing VS C++ and attempting to compile the C++ version of the DLL… still nothing. Turns out, after some heavy reading and searching, I found on the D language version of the site that since N++ 7.6, installing plugins the way the documentation lays out, of dropping the DLL in the plugins folder, just, doesnt work. There recommendation is to use an old version of N++ for development, and once everything’s ironed out, migrating it through the nppPluginList for release. I’d like to see the documentation updated, or a way to install 3rd party dlls that may not want to go through the official channels (or make a “dev” version of Notepad++)… IDK, I figured I’d post this at least, in case anyone else runs into the same frustration the first time around like I did (unless I am missing something, which I might be, however, at the very least, documentation should be updated under

  • @Luke-Liukonen you can no longer just drop DLL’s in the plugin folder, you have to create a sub-folder in the plugin dir and put it there.
    E.g. instead of “plugins/CoolFeature.dll” you have to put it in “plugins/CoolFeature/CoolFeature.dll”