Spaces appear in Notepad++ but not in Excel

  • Hi,
    We like Notepad++ because it reveals things that Excel does not.

    When our program fails, we can use N++ which reveals “upper ASCII characters”. When excel formulas are updated and re-saved, spaces appear in printed text even though Excel doesn’t show them, N++ does.

    we are wondering…why? While we love N++ (we use it for editing html also), we would like having to stop our process and having to reopen files.

    i thought about an Excel forum, but then thought the experts on an N++ forum might have the answer.

    Your thoughts?


  • @Rick-Gallo said in Spaces appear in Notepad++ but not in Excel:

    thought the experts on an N++ forum might have the answer.

    You really didn’t give us much to go on. You say “Excel” and “printed text” and “N++”, but don’t say what you mean. By “printed text”, do you mean the results of the formula? Or printing from Excel to paper? For Notepad++ to show them, are you copying the cell values from excel and pasting them as text in Notepad++? or is your spreadsheet a CSV-with-formulas, and you are looking at the source CSV in Notepad++?

    Besides, what does your problem have to do with Notepad++? All I can see is that Notepad++ happens to be the text editor that you used for whatever “look at text” operation you are doing that you haven’t described. My guess is that any other text editor would have shown the same thing.

    Really, assuming you provide more details to them than you did to us, an Excel forum would probably be a better place. But maybe someone else here is a better guesser than I am.

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