Notepad++ Crashed and create Dump files in 3 locations. How to properly recover?

  • Hi. This is my first post in the Notepad++ Community. I am posting this partly as a feedback and partly as a Help Request.
    I had an incident on 16-Dec-2019 with Notepad++ crashing in my Win 7 64bit PC. It said something about some Memory Access Violation, etc. I didn’t copy down the Error Messages.
    But restarted after the incident, and Notepad++ launched again with some files. I was never sure if I had lost any files. Because I happened to have some ‘saved’ files, and many unsaved tabs, on either side of the split screen.
    I did notice however that the file names on the unsaved tabs had changed. Previously I had a lot of tabs with new1, new2, etc. But now all tabs had it like new2@(date&time stamp).
    I was unsure on how to verify if I had lost data, and on how to recover that.
    I did some online search, and found that Notepad++ creates Dump folders, and files.
    As such, I have Dump files from the three locations below.

    Crash Dump Files generated:

    1. In AppData/Local/Crash Dumps folder, File notepad++.exe.7464.dmp dated 16-Dec-2019 at 15:39:06

    2. In Program Files/Notepad++ Folder, File NppDump.dmp dated 16-Dec-2019 at 15:38:36

    3. In AppData/Local/Temp/N++RECOV Folder, 95 Files, starting from File007_utf8.dump to File118_utf8.dump, File names not exactly in sequential numbering.

    I used HxD to open each of these 95 Dump files, and extracted the text data from them.

    I did not know how to interpret notepad++.exe.7464.dmp file and NppDump.dmp files. I tried opening them in HxD, but could not make any sense out of them.

    I could upload these two dmp files to anyone who could help interpret them for me.

    I need your help to find if these 95 dump files are all the data I can recover (or) if there is some more data that can be recovered, using the information in the two dmp files.

    Thanks much!

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