how to control Clipboard History paste destination please?

  • Hi! Using the npp Clipboard History window, when selecting an item there and dbl clicking it, it pastes into the open working tab (new 1), no matter where the copy came from originally. Can the paste output be sent to a window of choice, like nppexec console window for example? Are there any available controls for the paste function?

    • saylor

  • @saylor68

    No, it can’t, but I can see the usefulness of your request. It might also be nice to be able to put an old item from Clipboard History back into the clipboard.

  • @saylor68

    I just realized that when I said:

    …put an old item from Clipboard History back into the clipboard

    that this would sort of solve your problem; if you can put an old item back into the clipboard, you can subsequently shift input focus to where you need to paste it…and then paste it! It would be some extra steppage, but at least it could be reasonably accomplished (no move-from-history-to-dummy-document, then select-in-dummy-and-cut, …)

  • @Alan-Kilborn thank you very much for taking the time to think about this and reply back! My real world issue is i have a database with serial numbers. i need to copy/paste many serial numbers back and forth into/out of the database on various menu screens (SSH session).
    say i have a part in inventory lookup screen and i copy the S/N# of the part (or 20 parts, etc.).
    then i change screens over to say the order form screen, and need to put back those 20 S/N# numbers into the fields.

    Right now using AHK scripting, I have caught the doubleclick of the data and added a ^c copy (puts it in clipboard) and then a ^v{Enter} to also paste the data into a temp txt file.

    from here i want to be able to dbl click a line in the clipboard (or my temp txt file) and make it paste back to the screen.

    im layer 1-3 im not a coder, so i chose npp only b/c i knew it had a multivalue clipboard and could also nest an SSH session. I figured passing var/info/data between the nested shell session and npp would have been easy no brainer. heh -1 on me loool sheesh.

    win10 new clipboard is not ready for prime time. i may find that i will have better luck using macro/scripting/AHK vs. trying this in npp.
    let me know what you think, and thanks again!

    • saylor

  • @saylor68

    Well, not sure I follow your use case all that well… But another thing occurred to me: Maybe you should go more “global”: Instead of Notepad++'s clipboard history manager, try a global Window clipboard manager; there are many out there to choose from, but I have seen here that people recommend one called “Ditto”.

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