Change the text on clickable link

  • I have searched far and wide and just can’t seem to find it.


    In new txt file in NPP I have clickable link enable.

    Above link appears as clickable. I would like to change the clickable link to still open the URL, but display only “Debian”.

    Is this possible?

    Regards and thanks for reading.

  • Is this possible?


    Notepad++ is a text editor. It is for looking at and editing the source code, it is not a rendering engine.

    That said, there are some text formats, like Markdown, which can markup text, and if you have a rendering engine, that text will be rendered differently. You can use the Notepad++ Plugins > Plugins Admin to install the MarkdownViewer++ plugin, which embeds a Markdown rendering engine in Notepad++; using that plugin, you can edit the Markdown source code in one pane of Notepad++, and have it rendered in the MarkdownViewer++ pane of Notepad++. In such a circumstance, using the Markdown syntax [Debian]( would render in the MarkdownViewer++ pane as Debian, while still being clickable in the viewer pane.

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