Need help with editor.rereplace in the pythonscript plugin

  • I have code that is supposed to replace every “/” with text lines 0 to 397. When I ran it, it replaced all the text with line 397 instead lines 0, 1, 2, etc. I looked online and it said you need some thing like this:

    Editor.rereplace(search, replace[, flags[, startPosition[, endPosition[, maxCount]]]])

    I tried doing that, and even after using some other help online, I still coldn’t do it! I kept getting this error:

    Index Error: Out of Bounds

    I can’t find anything else. Here is my code: (I used to specify the selectedLine variable at the top, but that replaced all the /'s with line 0, and when I removed it, it replaced it with line 397.)'C:\.......test.txt')
    for i in range(396):
        editor.rereplace('/', editor.getLine(selectedLine), 0, 0, 396, 1)
        selectedLine = selectedLine + 1    

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