How to Refresh Workspce folder after creating and adding a new file

  • I have the window "Folder as Workspace open all the time. However, when I create a new file and save it in one of the subfolders, I need to close Notepad ++ and reopen it to refresh the folders. Is there a way to refresh the folder without closing the program?

  • @Terry-Cox

    There were some improvements made to Notepad++'s Folder as Workspace very recently. Which version do you use?

  • Perhaps you have a very old version of notepad++?
    All changes are immediately visible to me.

    Notepad++ v7.8.2 (32-bit)

  • Thank you both for the response. Yes, I had an older version. I just downloaded version 7.8.4 (32 bit) and that has fixed the issue which was not really a show-stopper anywhoo, but glad they added an auto-update for the workspace.

  • Hi everyone, I have the same problem plus closing and reopening does not update the workspace. I have version 7.8.4 (64 bit). Is there some setting that must enabled.

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