Run as administrator and document encodings

  • Even though the shortcut to Notepad++ is set to run as administrator (Properties, Advanced), this setting is ignored when trying to set up file associations; this remains greyed-out ‘because the program must be run as administrator’…

    Very annoying is the inability to set the encoding once and for all, even with the setting to automatically detect the encoding set to off. The encoding allways reverts back to UTF-8, no matter what I set as ‘default’. Until recently I only created text documents using ANSI encoding on an old computer using Windows XP (no UTF-8), and they now all look like a mess when characters with diacritics are encountered.
    And there seem to be different ANSI’s; at least one of the characters I often used using the numeric keypad has shifted from number 172 to 187.

    Are these functional flaws, or did I miss something?

  • @octopoesie

    When you think you should be in administrator mode, does the title bar of Notepad++ have the word Administrator in it?

    Encodings are tough things to deal with…so, no comment. :-)

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