HOW do I get the NppPluginlist.dll ??????

  • Re: Support for Plugins Admin & NppPluginList - Round 2

    A lot said about this file … where might it be ?

  • @WBBC_LA ,

    I’m not an expert in this but it should live in Notepad++\plugins\Config\ folder.

    Each Notepad++ version comes with its own nppPluginList.dll but I don’t know if the portable Notepad++ variant has it.
    If it doesn’t you can get the corresponding Notepad++ installable version and extract it with 7zip like a normal archive and get the nppPluginList.dll from there. Just inspect the extracted contents folder structure to find it.

  • Hi, @pnedev and All,

    Seemingly, the nppPluginList.dll file, exists in portable installations of N++, too ! After a quick search, I can confirm you that this file is present, in <Installation path of Notepad++.exe>\plugins\Config, since the v7.6.2 release !

    Best Regards,


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