Pressing TAB key results in tabs in one document, but spaces in another

  • I have this odd situation where one PHP document inserts a tab when I press the TAB key, but another PHP document, open at the same time, inserts spaces when I hit the TAB key.

    Changing the settings seems to have no effect. Closing and reopening the files seems to have no effect. Closing and reopening Notepad++ seems to have no effect.

    In sidebar.php I get spaces when I press TAB.
    In daily.php I get tabs when I press TAB.

    They are both PHP files, both have .php extension, and both have PHP set as the language in Notepad++.

    In Settings, under Preferences, under Language, it is set not to use spaces for tabs (which is what I want). Yet certain files use tabs and certain files use spaces when I press the TAB key on the keyboard.

    How do I get all files to behave the same?

  • @WisTex

    What is your debug info from the menu:

    ? > Debug Info ...

    It sounds like you may have a plugin installed that you forgot about? Namely:

    Auto Detect Indentation:

    Detects indention (tab or spaces) and auto adjust Tab key on-the-fly.
    Author: Mike Tzou (Chocobo1)


  • @Michael-Vincent Thank you so much. This was driving me crazy. Disabling it solved the problem. Much appreciated.

  • This situation could also result from the use of the EditorConfig plugin, depending upon how it is configured with the .editorconfig files. Just sayin.