"Open all" from Search result window takes a LOOONG time?

  • So I do a Find-in-Files and it results in 2900 hits in 11 files. Returns the results not instantly but in reasonable time. Satisfied customer. :)

    I then right-click in the Find-result window area and choose “Open all” from the popup menu.

    Notepad++ (7.8.4) then goes all “Not responding” on me for what seems like a really long time.

    It finally opens all of the files, but the time it takes really seems extreme.

    All files are local on C: drive. Only ONE search result in the Find-result window when I do this “Open all” thing.

    Any ideas…similar experiences? Does anyone else use this feature?

  • I quantified the time as ~20 seconds by repeating the “Open all” and timing it. I can certainly be patient for 20 secs but it just seems a huge chunk of time for a computer to do this processing. Original search time for finding the matches was on the order of 2 to 3 seconds.

    These are the kind of things you find when you really start using Notepad++ for real purposes, instead of just !@#$ around with it. :-)

  • @Alan-Kilborn
    Did a test with 7.8.3 and 7.8.4
    Found 849 hits in 91 files - both took ~3 seconds to open all files.

    Update: Could it be that one or more files are not text files?
    what about the size of the files (bytes) and length of lines?

  • @Ekopalypse said in "Open all" from Search result window takes a LOOONG time?:

    Could it be that one or more files are not text files?

    All text files:
    Filters: *.cpp *.h *.sln *.vcproj *.txt

    what about the size of the files (bytes) and length of lines?

    Largest file (one of the cpp’s): 62KB
    No lines longer than 200 characters; most much shorter. Typical source code.

    Even with more thought-probing questions, I’m even more mystified. :-)

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    Even with more thought-probing questions, I’m even more mystified


    You’re saying this happens for 7.8.4 only.
    Do you use plugins with 7.8.4?

  • @Ekopalypse


    I got the above results with my very virgin portable 7.8.4 (so only “stock” plugins), in the same session discussed in this thread, but I seem to recall I’ve noticed similar lengthy times when I’ve done this kind of thing (“open all”) in the past as well (more plugins would have been present then).

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    Hmm, ok, that would be the time for me to run ProcMon to see what is really going on.
    Could it be that your hard disk is going to die?

  • @Ekopalypse said in "Open all" from Search result window takes a LOOONG time?:

    Could it be that your hard disk is going to die?

    One never knows, but I doubt it. Like I said, I’ve seen the slow “Open all” in the distant past, just didn’t have time to mention it then. Since then, HDD has been just fine.

    I would never use strange N++ behavior as a predictor of something like system health, in absence of other data indicating a problem in that area. N++ is too quirky. :-)

  • The first thing, which comes to my mind when something doesn’t work as expected, is to see if the config files are still valid. Therefore I run a clean
    portable npp to double check its behavior. But I must say, since maybe
    1-2 year or so I only had it one or two times, so for me it is quite stable
    and we (company) use it on a daily basis without a problem at all.

  • @Ekopalypse said in "Open all" from Search result window takes a LOOONG time?:

    The first thing, which comes to my mind when something doesn’t work as expected, is to see if the config files are still valid

    Well, yea…I turn to a fresh copy of a portable version. But in the case of the above, I was already using same when the problem (which apparently is my second “me” problem of the day) was noticed.

  • Hi, @alan-kilborn, @ekopalypse and all,

    Alan, I gave it a try to verify the behavior of my very old and weak XP SP3 system, on my old NEC M350 laptop ;-))

    Some time ago , for various tests, I downloaded the N++ source files, so the two folders PowerEditor and scintilla in a new folder, named Sources. With my last installed N++ release ( v7.8.3 ) I ran the following Files in Files search

    Search "(?-s)the.*not" (167 hits in 45 files)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\bin\license.txt (18 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\bin\readme.txt (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\MISC\Common\Common.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\MISC\Common\mutex.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\MISC\Common\Sorters.h (2 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\MISC\Common\verifySignedfile.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\MISC\PluginsManager\Notepad_plus_msgs.h (7 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\TinyXml\tinyxml.h (15 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\TinyXml\tinyXmlA\tinyxmlA.h (15 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\CharDistribution.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\JpCntx.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsBig5Prober.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsCharSetProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsCodingStateMachine.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nscore.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsEscCharsetProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsEUCJPProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsEUCKRProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsEUCTWProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsGB2312Prober.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsHebrewProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsLatin1Prober.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsMBCSGroupProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsPkgInt.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsSBCharSetProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsSBCSGroupProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsSJISProber.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsUniversalDetector.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\nsUTF8Prober.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\prmem.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\uchardet\uchardet.h (4 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\Utf8.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\Utf8_16.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\WinControls\PluginsAdmin\pluginsAdmin.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\PowerEditor\src\WinControls\shortcut\shortcut.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\cocoa\PlatCocoa.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\cocoa\ScintillaView.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\doc\Lexer.txt (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\include\Platform.h (2 hits)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\License.txt (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\src\AutoComplete.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\src\CaseConvert.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\src\Document.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\src\Style.h (1 hit)
      D:\@@\770\Sources\scintilla\src\ViewStyle.h (1 hit)

    Presently, my current session already contained 36 opened files, in various folders

    The search directory was D:\@@\770\Sources and the filters zone contained *.txt *.h. All the search was done in 1,9 s

    Note that the total size, of these 45 files, is not very important : 336,206 bytes

    The opening, within N++, of these 45 files, with the Open All option, took 3,09 s Then, I just have to use 45 times the Ctrl + W shortcut to get rid of all these additional test files ;-))

    May be, you could open the Windows Event Manager ( eventvwr.msc ), choose System, then the menu option View > Filter.... Now, tick Error events only and valid. You may also choose disk in the event source list, for an additional filtering ?

    Best Regards,


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