Make ctrl-shift-tab move like ctrl-tab

  • When selecting text with “ctrl-shift-tab”, I’d prefer that the cursor moves like “ctrl-tab”. Here’s an example that shows the difference, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to change the behavior?

    For what it’s worth, I just discovered that this textbox that I’m typing into now works the same way I’d like NPP to work. :)

    My example:

    If I start at the beginning of this test line:
    one: two three_four five

    Each “ctrl-tab” stops at:
    before :
    before two
    before three
    before five

    Whereas each “ctrl-shift-tab” stops at:
    before :
    after :
    after two
    after four
    after five

  • @VTGroupGitHub

    Try ctrl+leftarrow and ctrl+rightarrow in Notepad++. If this is the functionality you want, use the Shortcut Mapper to assign the functions currently tied to the mentioned keycombos to whatever keycombo you want them to have.

  • @VTGroupGitHub

    I assume you bound your shortcut to SCI_WORDRIGHTENDEXTEND
    instead you might use SCI_WORDRIGHTEXTEND

  • I’m an idiot. I meant “ctrl-right arrow” and “ctrl-shift-right arrow”. I have no idea why I said “tab”. But you’ve both given me ideas about re-binding, so let me see if I can tweak “ctrl-shift-right arrow” to move like “ctrl-right arrow”.

  • Thanks! The rebinding did work. In case anyone needs this in the future, choose “Settings” / “Shortcut Mapper” and choose the “Scintilla commands” tab. Scroll down to SCI_WORDRIGHTENDEXTEND, click “Modify”, select “None” in the dropdown, and hit “Apply”. This clears the current binding. Then select SCI_WORDRIGHTEXTEND, click “Modify”, select the CTRL and SHIFT checkboxes, choose “Right” in the dropdown, and hit “Apply”. This configures the new binding.

  • @VTGroupGitHub said in Make ctrl-shift-tab move like ctrl-tab:

    In case anyone needs this in the future, choose “Settings” / “Shortcut Mapper”

    Your description is specific to what you’ve configured, but in general, that’s how you’d remap anything, so really, you’ve created a general description of how to use Shortcut Mapper. :-)

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