Can't open csv on excel after being altered by Notepad++

  • I have a folder with several sub-folders and csv on them and needed to replace an string on all of them. I figured the CTRL+F - files option would do the trick.

    It did, it replaced the string succesfully in 23 files. Yay.

    Now, when I tried to open an altered file on excel the error message says: “I can’t find the file, did you deleted it/ moved it / renamed it?”. But I can open it on notepad++ or wordpad, excel is the only affected one.

    Not altered by notepad++ files open like usual.

    I tried to revert it and deleted the files. Downloaded them again, and still the same thing. Unistalled Notepad++, and still the same thing. (registry maybe?)

    Using another folder for “fixed it”, I can open them, but I want to fix these ones.

    any ideas?


  • @Don-Patton

    Maybe try a file compare on the original file and the file after alteration with Notepad++? It seems like something unintended is getting changed (I guess that is a fairly obvious statement).