user-defined syntax highlighting

  • Hi there :-)
    I have two questions regarding the user-defined syntax highlighting…

    1. I want to highlight all numbers - at the moment only positive numbers are highlighted…
    2. I want to highlight specific keywords (and just these keyword) when a specific second keyword is in front of the first keyword…
      Any comments are welcome!
      Thank you!

  • @Heike-von-Waaden

    numbers should already work out of the box


    but the second request, afaik, can’t be done with udl only.
    A possible solution has been offered here.

  • Hi,

    thank you very much for your answer.
    I think I didn’t described the issue proberly. Negative numbers are highighted, but not the ones without an zero at the beginning, e.g.:


    Do you have any idea?


  • @Heike-von-Waaden

    You are correct, in that case numbers aren’t colored.
    Beside the tip with your other problem, you could
    use -(minus) as an operator or defining a delimiter
    with start with -(minus) and ends with .(dot)
    and, for both, having the same color as numbers.
    Not sure if this works for you.

  • Thank you!
    It works when I define operator 1 as follows: -.


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