File Cannot Be Saved and it May Be Protected

  • I am working with html files.

    I have no problems creating new files and saving them.

    The problem arises when I try to save changes to a file I’ve already made. Furthermore, it only occurs if I’ve opened the file in a web browser to view my changes. Even if I close the browser, Notepad ++ won’t let me save the file.

    I’ve tried opening Notepad ++ in administrator mode as it suggests, but I still get the same problem.

    I get around this by saving a new version each time. However, that is extremely time consuming to save a new version each time I make a small change.

  • @Rachael-Murphy ,

    I am sorry you are having difficulty.

    Unfortunately, you haven’t given us much to work with. Notepad++ can save a file that’s been opened by a browser: I just opened a file in Chrome, then changed the file in Notepad++, saved the changes, refreshed Chrome, and Chrome saw the updated file.

    That means, if you want help, you are going to have to give us more details about your version of Notepad++, where the files are stored, and the exact series of events that lead to the problem. The FAQ I linked explains how to grab some useful debug info about Notepad++, and gives hints as to other possibly-pertinent information you should include in your reply. (The FAQ was written with an old version of the Community Forum. Now, if you want to include a screenshot – like say, of the error message – all you have to do is Alt+PrintScreen the dialog, then Ctrl+V to paste it in your reply.)

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