Scrolling with down and up arrow keys

  • With the latest version, 7.8.4, I noticed that when the down-arrow key is pressed and held, the cursor moves down the screen as you’d expect. However, when the cursor gets to the bottom of the window it stops, scrolling stops even though the down-arrow key is still pressed. But when the key is released, the screen/cursor jumps to a line below the bottom edge of the window; presumably it goes to the line that it should go to for the amount of time the key was pressed. My expectation though is that the text should just continue scrolling by until I release the key.

    The same is true in reverse, going up. Is this a bug? Seems so to me.

  • @Brigham-Narins ,

    Sorry, I cannot replicate your results: “it works for me”. I have 60-lines-per-screen, and made a 600-line document. I held the down arrow, and was able to scroll all the way to the bottom without the scrolling stopping, and then scroll up to the top similarly without problem.

    How many lines is your file? How many bytes? What lexer is active (if you’re not sure: what’s got the in the Language menu, or what does the lower-left corner of your status bar say)? How much memory do you have? Is your file on a HDD or SSD? What other tasks are running – anything graphics or processor intensive?

    What plugins do you have? Are you 32-bit or 64-bit? (Both of these are answered by ? > Debug Info > Copy debug info into clipboard and paste in your reply)

  • Hello, @Brigham-Narins

    Follow Information, To Scrolling with down and up arrow keys:

    • Ctrl+Shift+↑/↓ is supposed to move lines in Notepad++.
    • Shift+↑/↓ will select text.
    • Shift enables text selection as cursor moves either with arrows or Home/End/Page Up/Page
      Down keys
    • Ctrl+←/→ makes cursor move by words instead of characters
    • Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down jumps to actual next page, not just next screen
    • Ctrl+Home/End jumps to beginning/end of the document

    I hope above information will be useful for you.
    Thank you.

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