converting my text in notepad++ to chrome is not converting

  • please I have a chromebook 15 can someone help me

  • Could you please explain in more detail the problem you are having?

    What do you mean by “converting my text … to chrome” mean?

    And don’t chromebooks use Chrome OS, not Windows? How do you have the Windows Notepad++.exe on a chromebook anyway (are you using a compatibility layer, like Wine is for linux)?

  • thank you for reaching out

    I have a chromebook 15 and I’m trying to open my coding on the web browser to see what I wrote. Everytime I attempt to convert my information on notepad++ it tells me that an “error 2” is showing

  • I have a chromebook 15 I haven’t done anything to it yet as in converting it to windows or Mac. I using this primary to create a webpage and learn how to create a webpage.

  • Can someone inform me about a code editor like “notepad ++” that is for the chromebook and works well

  • @Kenneth-Keen ,

    Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be able to communicate with each other. Your words are English as are mine, but the meaning behind the groups of words seems to be getting lost somewhere. I am sorry for that.

    it tells me than an “error 2” is showing

    Given that you’re on a Chromebook, and I think Chrome (like Android) is a linux-ish OS, error 2 would normally be ENOENT, “No such file or directory”. I have no idea if that’s really the case for you.

    Just like I don’t understand how you think you are running notepad++.exe on your chromebook. Maybe you downloaded notepad++.exe and are trying to execute that natively on the chromebook, which would very much surprise me if it worked. Maybe you are trying to say that when you try to run notepad++.exe, you are getting an error 2 “No such file or directory”. That wouldn’t be the error I would expect for an executable that cannot run, but who knows.

    Can someone inform me about a code editor like “notepad ++” that is for the chromebook

    There may or may not be Chromebook users here in the Notepad++ forum. But this isn’t really the best place. You might find a forum dedicated to chromebook users, or let me google “best html code editors for chromebook” for you, where this article has a couple of suggestions, and the website looks like it might be a good resource for an apparently-new-to-chromebook user.

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