auto completition

  • Hi,
    can I add keywords from extern script on demand (for using the auto complete funstion)?

  • Yes – well, depending on what you mean by “on demand”. If my explanation doesn’t fully solve your problem, you will have to describe it better.

    In your Notepad++ installation folder (often c:\program files\Notepad++) there will be an autoCompletion folder with a bunch of XML files, one per language¹. You can add new auto-completion terms to that file². If you have a UDL³ that you’d like to have auto-completion for, you can create a new XML file in that folder that will hold the auto-completion definitions.

    1. see docs:
    2. Notepad++ tends to save configuration files as it exits if you’ve made any changes in the GUI. Thus, when manually editing this or any config file using Notepad++, follow the sequence: close all instances of Notepad++; open one single instance; edit the file; save; exit Notepad++; re-open. At this point, the changed settings should be in effect.
    3. user defined language:

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