Plugin bug report: "BookmarksDook" disables "Session Snapshot"

  • I just discovered an interesting bug in this plugin:
    Name: Bookmarks@Dook
    Author: Dook
    Description: Bookmarks List

    The bug is this: If “Settings/Preferences/Backup/Enable Session Snapshot” is enabled, and plugin “BookmarksDook” is installed, and you edit an open, previously-saved file (so that the tab turns red), and you click the “X” in the upper-right corner of the NPP window, you get this error message: “Your backup file cannot be found (deleted from outside). Save it otherwise your data will be lost. Do you want to save file [FileName]?” If you don’t save the altered file, the alterations are lost on next NPP start.

    (Correct behavior is: on clicking “X”, NPP immediately exits; and on re-start, the unsaved changes are NOT lost, but are recovered from a snapshot file in C:\users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\backup )

    I can’t say much more about what this plugin does because I never got around to using it, because the “kills session snapshot” bug is, for me, a showstopper. As it was, it took me a half hour of dragging-and-dropping plugin folders one-by-one from “plugins” into a folder called “Removed-NPP-Plugins”, until I found the plugin that was causing the bug. (I’d use plugin manager, but it’s malfunctioning in my installation for some reason; it works for ADDING plugins, but cannot REMOVE them; the dll files must be physically removed from the execution directory by brute force. But that’s a whole other bug, cause unknown, and easily worked-around.)

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