Auto_inst and auto_reg support in notepad++

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am an RTL developer using notepad++ as my primary editor for coding the projects in verilog and system verilog. if some one works in these 2 HDL languages they might be aware of verbosity involved in this languages while instantiating a module, can we have a plugin which can create the instantiation template directly from the module itself.

    I have created a question but didn’t got much traction on it so re-posting here


    I’m not a verilog programmer nor do I know the language itself.
    From the given link I get that you want some kind of smart autocomplete feature.
    Something like:
    Complete here this if the following code is like that else do something different.

    If this is the case then this feature needs to have wither some knowledge about
    the verilog language which means it must be more or less a verilog parser/lexer/compiler or the language itself is that strict that one is able
    to create a formula out of it to make it happen.
    Do you by any chance have access to the source of that feature from
    within vim or emacs?

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