Commenting a line through a keyboard short cut adds an unwanted space after the symbol

  • Hello,

    I’m currently trying to create a language to easly comment lines using the keyboard but I have the following issue:

    The comment symbol is “-” (so only the minus), but when I use ctrl+k or ctrl+q to comment a line/few lines, I always get a space after the minus sign.
    For example I want to comment the following line:
    19.0 0.009 0.063 ; (@ 715 cm above median plane)
    If I use the comment shortcut I get:
    - 19.0 0.009 0.063 ; (@ 715 cm above median plane)
    But the language my software is using does not accept the space after the minus and I need to have:
    -19.0 0.009 0.063 ; (@ 715 cm above median plane)

    Is there anyway to configure the shortcuts ctrl+q, ctrl+k to not include this space after the “-” sign? It would save me a lot of time in commenting codes :)

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


  • Little Up, if anyone has an idea.


  • @felad0001

    It doesn’t help you, but I long ago gave up hope of using the “comment” commands in Notepad++. I found, like you, that there are some weirdnesses with it. The lack of previous replies may indicate that no other readers have thought of a way to solve your issue. :-(

  • @felad0001

    Have you thought about using a macro?
    Of course that would mean that you need to use a different comment
    shortcut as used by other languages but if it is that important then
    maybe this is a way to go.

  • I haven’t no. I’m not familiar with macros in Notepad++, but it surely sounds like a good idea. I’ll try to give it a try :)


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