Logging in to Notepadd++ Community

  • When I go to log in to the Notepad++ community, the log in screen shows “Alternative Logins”.
    I was expecting to be able to log in with an ordinary email address.
    Or am I missing something?

  • Not missing anything. The login-by-email-address-only was disabled years ago (before I joined the Community), for security reasons. OAuth logins (like “login with facebook / google / twitter / github”) are much more secure than a system where you password and login information are stored on the Notepad++ Community server. Those OAuth providers have huge budgets and full-time-employed security teams working around the clock to keep your credentials secure; a mom-and-pop group like us have $0 and 0 employees to stay on top of such things, and when the password-storage was hacked (notice I say when, not if), you and/or a multitude of other users would be up-in-arms over the password breach. The safest for everybody is the current method – using OAuth through big-name organizations.

    @guy038: could you contact Don and see if the login page can be re-phrased to “Available Logins” rather than “Alternative Logins”? That would avoid much confusion for new users.

  • @Peter-L said in Logging in to Notepadd++ Community:

    I was expecting to be able to log in with an ordinary email address.

    On the upside, it appears that you successfully made it in!


  • Thank you @Alan-Kilborn !
    Yes, a reword on the login page would help reduce the confusion.

  • I didn’t find the way to change the title of login and I don’t think it is configurable.
    I’ve done a feature request in the module of NodeBB in question:

    I sent also an email for the same request to NodeBB support team ( @guy038 is in CC ). So let’s wait to see if it can be changed.

  • Had an old association with Facebook, upon activation there was an error- and put me in infinite orbit on the Facebook page. What’s more, even though disassociating Facebook, and using the Google login for this site, the tab icon for N++ Community is nuked, and the FB icon has taken over the N++ Community icon in browser history:
    Facebook N++.JPG

  • Another item of interest: the Facebook login option is still available on the login screen, even though it is disassociated from Single Sign-on Services. Might want to clear the cookies. :)

  • Thanks Andrew Rodrigues (NodeBB support team), the login page has been reworded to “Available Logins” now:

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